Dianne Braun Hanley

Sometimes life events happen quickly, sometimes years of unhappiness just must stop...the Law Office of Dianne Braun Hanley is responsive, determined and focused on your needs now and for your future.

When divorce becomes a reality, it can be one of the most difficult times in an individual's life. It is important to feel secure during chaotic times of uncertainty and stress. It is important to seek sound legal advice from an experienced and strong divorce attorney.

Every marriage and every family is unique. At the Law Office of Dianne Braun Hanley we take the time to understand your needs and the unique aspects of your situation. With our clients, we create a legal strategy designed to achieve your particular goals and avoid getting stalled by non-issues.

Attorney Dianne Hanley answers the tough questions about property, children, parental access time, support, inheritances, domestic violence, and debt. Attorney Hanley also helps her clients think about their future, after the divorce, in order to consider their future needs and the needs of their children. It is about listening to client's concerns, communicating options, and planning a resolution that works for each client. It's about customizing the outcome.

The Law Office of Dianne Braun Hanley has experience handling cases involving complex legal and financial issues, the simplest uncontested matters and collaborative divorces.

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