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Mediation is a cost-effective, time efficient, and private way to find "real solutions for difficult problems." In mediation, Attorney Hanley identifies types and causes of conflict as the parties work together to achieve a settlement agreement. Rather than a combative atmosphere, Attorney Hanley sets a tone of respectful cooperation and detailed negotiation. A good mediation results results in a fair settlement that is customized to the particular needs of the parties. Frequently, agreements are designed to creatively give each party more than might be possible through the judgment of a court. For example, a matrimonial mediation can avoid custody battles over the parties' children and the emotional turmoil that can occur during a lengthy divorce contest. In business mediation, energy can be directed to productivity issues rather than diminishing returns.

As the mediator, my role is to diffuse negative history and feelings and focus on the future. I insure that each party presents their interests, their needs and their concerns going forward. I work with both parties to remain focused on the mediation, in order to evaluate options, prioritize issues and identify tasks to be completed until all the terms of a potential agreement are worked out. As your mediator, it is my goal, whenever possible, to develop a mutually beneficial resolution – a "win-win" that will likely strengthen your ability to cooperate in the future.

In mediation, one professional hour is billed for every hour of negotiation. The parties share the cost of the one professional hour. The parties are also free to retain the services of an "advisory" attorney, accountant and/or financial planner. Early and evening appointments available.

Mediation Certificate Program sponsored by the University of Connecticut and Quinnipiac University Schools of Law

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